Line Meets Shape

An exploration of abstract art that alternates between line based animations and shape based animations. Each section conveys an emotion starting with nervous, then happy, then aggressive, then scared, and finally grieving. The alternating sections are cut together to convey an abstract conversation between two parties or symbolically show the birth and death of a relationship. Music and Sound Design by Roger Lima at White Noise Lab.

Art Direction: Jasper Hilgers and Dani Cordero
Style Frames: Allen Laseter and Dani Cordero
Animation: Luis Campos, Karen Lam, Isabelle Caron, Joan Chung, Jasper Hilgers, Dani Cordero, Lily Chiao, Ines Fragueiro
Compositing: Bob Zagorskis
Title Frame: Jeremy Dimmock and Luis Campos
Music and Sound Design: Roger Lima, White Noise Lab

Concept Art / Screen Shots