Build brands with character.
Making you instantly recognizable and forever memorable.
Emotional connections drive engagement, and nothing breaks through advertising fatigue and distrust like great characters. Characters shine a light on us, showing us our differences and our shared good alike. Characters increase our attachment to brands and products, because they are just like us.

Character Making

Great ideas come to life with great design, refinement and execution. With the experience to know the feeling is just as important as the detail, Polyester strives to create animated work tailor-made to move the audience.

Character Evolving

Thinkers and planners. Shakers and movers. We are shepherds of vision and explorers of possibility for your brand. Let’s take your existing characters to new heights or build something together from the sketchbook up to achieve your goals.
The Doughboy. Tony the Tiger. The Green Giant. Yell OH YEAH into a crowded room and people will know exactly what you’re serving. Characters are all around us, forever adding a light and personal touch millions can’t get out of their minds. Characters go on, and on, and on...

What We Make

Branded character development
Illustrative Experiences
Brand Films
Animated Social Campaigns
Identity and Branding Campaigns
Motion Design Systems

How We Think

Imagining the Unknown
Breathing Life into Ideas
Creative Brand Building
Turning Concept to Creativity
Concept and Narrative Shaping
From Briefs to Campaigns
The technology of tomorrow will increasingly be the home of mascots and branded characters.

Brands We've Partnered With:

Brands We've Partnered With:

Angencies We've Partnered With:

Angencies We've Partnered With:

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